A Solstice Celebration to Remember

We here at Transformations are in a learning curve to beat all learning curves…

With the Net having now over taken many of the small Mom and Pop retail stores; adding to that all of the big box stores buying up all the decent real estate locations for shopping…we have to move fast and furiously to keep up…and we are doing are darndest.  We are small but mighty and I believe we’ve created an environment which you cannot duplicate either online or in a large store with the same old products you can see everywhere.

Not only do we have healers, readers, psychics of many and varied kinds’ but we have an environment where you can just relax and take in life at a slower pace…amongst beautiful objects, unique furnishings and every kind of spiritual aide you can imagine.  One of our largest sectors is in crystals…lots and lots of them.

We also have great parties…you won’t find that on Amazon or Ebay…you can’t touch and feel the crystal you’re buying…you simply have to guestemate how a particular rock will feel in your hand.

And we have an amazing event planned for the Summer Solstice this year…readers, healers, artists, and much, much more…

Come join us…you won’t be disappointed…we can actually give one another a hug…how about that Amazon and Ebay?….

Watch our video about the Summer Solstice event here.

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