Final Transformation

The Transformation of Transformations

It began as a dream…to create a space where folk could gather and be inspired by the beautiful environment. A place filled with objects of art, up-cycled furnishings, and a cadre of mystical embellishments all designed to uplift and inspire the spirit. Along the way we made deep and lasting friendships.  We filled ourselves with knowledge and opened our hearts to all kinds of awakening.

Four years have passed since that initial call from spirit.  Four years and tons of growth. But nothing in the world remains the same.  As one of my spiritual teachers said to me many years ago…”The only constant is change”.  We are moving, evolving, preparing for our next adventure. So the time for us to say adieu has come.

Transformations will be closing its doors this month of May.  But first we are having a blow out, below rock bottom prices sale starting Fri May 12th. Everything must go…everything but the kitchen sink and even that is negotiable. We want to thank you for your many years of support and look forward to meeting once again in a future incarnation.

Blessings and Love to All,

Kristina Sanborn


John Of God Crystal Light Bed Therapy


Rev. Kathleen L. Dixon is a practicing holistic life counselor in service as a John  of God Crystal Light Bed practitioner, Amethyst Bio-Mat facilitator, Spiritual Counselor, and John of God Official Tour Guide. Kathleen was given permission by John of God to own a crystal light bed in December of 2013. After ten months of hard work, in November of 2013, she traveled to Abadiânia, Brazil to the Casa de Dom Inacio (House of St. Ignatius) to visit John of God and learn the meaning, history and purpose of crystal light bed therapy treatments. Kathleen is now a daughter of the Casa de Dom Inacio and has been designated to take groups of journeying souls to visit John of God.  Kathleen is a candidate for a Ph.D. in 2016; after earning her Masters in Metaphysics in 2013 & Bachelor of Metaphysical Science & becoming an Ordained Minister in  2010. Kathleen has also trained and is has certificates as a Metaphysical Practitioner, Sacred Geometry and Energy Medicine Level One received in 2011. While having previously earned Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki First and Second Degree in 1998 & certificates in Sensitivity Development and Quantum Healing in 1998.

John&OprahJohn of God/Joao de Deus was a young teenager when he became a spiritual healer via trance mediumship. He was clairvoyant as a boy; one day in his early teens, he went to a river to bathe and the spirit of a radiant woman—who later turned into a ball of light—told him to go to a nearby spiritual center. This spirit later became known to be St. Rita of Cassia – Brazil’s patron saint of miracles.  John followed her instructions, found the center, walked up the stairs, and knocked on the door—and that was the last thing he remembered till he came to, three hours later, to find a circle of people standing over him.

Sometimes people who are not familiar with trance mediumship confuse John the man with John “in entity”. When people are speaking with John the man, he does not remember what he said while in trance. When they speak with him when he is in trance, they are not speaking with John of God, but rather with one of the spirit entities that work through him. John of God is a full trance medium of healing, and a very powerful one. There are very few mediums that are able to incorporate as many entities as he does, and his work has touched many millions of people over the course of his life.

And yet, to close with an often-cited quote from John of God; he says frequently and with great humility, “I have never healed anyone. It is God who heals.”

A Crystal Bed has 7 extremely clear and highly polished Vogel cut quartz crystals suspended approximately 12 inches above the client lying on a massage table. Each of the quartz crystals has been cut to a specific frequency; and each crystal is aligned above one of the seven human energy centers or chakras. Colored lights, chosen to match the vibrational frequency of chakra colors, radiate light and energy through the crystals to each respective chakra; and shine on and off in certain rhythms to cleanse, balance, and align your energies. The individual receiving the session rests face up with eyes closed, bathing in the energy. “Crystal Bed Healing” is safe and non-invasive. The person receiving the “Crystal Bed Healing” simply removes their shoes, all metal jewelry and crystals, then lies fully clothed on a massage table below the suspended crystals, so that each of the seven crystals aligns to their corresponding chakra. Once the person is comfortable, a white cloth is placed over their eyes, soft music is turned on, and finally the pulsating lights shining through the crystals are turned on. All the individual needs to do is relax, clear the mind of your present life situations, let go, or even fall asleep. The light, the crystals will do the rest.jogbed-Eblast

John Of God Crystal Bed Sessions ‐Benefits are:

Calms and Rebalances the nervous system

Releases negative emotions such as depression, grief, fear, anger

Cleanses the physical and spiritual body of negative energies that become attached to your energy field

Opens all the energetic centers and cleanses any blockages that impede the vital flow of your Spirit life force, into your vital body organs and body function through your meridians

Stimulates development of spiritual awareness

Realigns, centers, and corrects the spin of each chakra

Totally rebalances and purifies your spirit, body, and mind.

Helps to align you with your divine purpose

On Saturday, September 17th Kathleen will be bringing her John of God Crystal Light bed here to Transformations for a healing event. She will be providing sessions from 10:30 am until 6:00 pm. Costs per session for the John of God Crystal light Bed are 30 minutes for $65.00 and for an hour $120.00. We are honored to be able to bring such an extraordinary opportunity to our community here in Long Beach. Kathleen is a pleasure to know and a treasure for the community. Call Transformations at (562) 438-1267 to reserve your place, book soon as appointments fill rapidly. Please note, upon arrival for your appointment it is recommended you to be dressed in only white attire to facilitate the full healing effects of John of God. We look forward to seeing you!

John Of God Crystal Light Bed Therapy

with Rev Kathleen Dixon

Transformations acknowledges that neither we nor Kathleen are a trained medical professional, and as such sessions are not meant to diagnosis or heal medical conditions.

A Solstice Celebration to Remember

We here at Transformations are in a learning curve to beat all learning curves…

With the Net having now over taken many of the small Mom and Pop retail stores; adding to that all of the big box stores buying up all the decent real estate locations for shopping…we have to move fast and furiously to keep up…and we are doing are darndest.  We are small but mighty and I believe we’ve created an environment which you cannot duplicate either online or in a large store with the same old products you can see everywhere.

Not only do we have healers, readers, psychics of many and varied kinds’ but we have an environment where you can just relax and take in life at a slower pace…amongst beautiful objects, unique furnishings and every kind of spiritual aide you can imagine.  One of our largest sectors is in crystals…lots and lots of them.

We also have great parties…you won’t find that on Amazon or Ebay…you can’t touch and feel the crystal you’re buying…you simply have to guestemate how a particular rock will feel in your hand.

And we have an amazing event planned for the Summer Solstice this year…readers, healers, artists, and much, much more…

Come join us…you won’t be disappointed…we can actually give one another a hug…how about that Amazon and Ebay?….

Watch our video about the Summer Solstice event here.

Event Info

Experience ~ Amethyst BioMat

Made up of 17 layers all interacting to rejuvenate & heal you. The Amethyst BioMat® is a wonderful healing tool combining several key experiences; the big three are: Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ions & an Electromagnetic Field Interceptor.

  1. Biomat® SpecificationsThe Richway Biomat® 7000MX uses a combination of natural Amethyst and Hyron cotton to generate far infrared rays.

  2. Infrared rays and negative ions naturally emit from Amethyst and Tourmaline.

  3. The TOCA (Tourmaline Catch Power) layer generates negative ions.

  4. A special layer of Nano Copper fabric effectively reduces electromagnetic waves.

BIOMAT LAYER0828The BioMat converts electricity into Far Infrared Rays (FIR), nature’s invisible light. FIR was discovered by NASA to be the safest, most beneficial light wave. It penetrates 6-8 inches into the innermost recesses of the body, reducing stress and fatigue. Amethyst crystals cover the entire surface of the Biomat; Amethyst is natures super conductor, naturally producing healthy far infrared light waves.amethyst

Benefits of Far Infrared Rays include: Improved Circulation ~ Whole-body infrared therapy, also called Waon therapy, can increase the temperature of the body and improve circulation greatly. The capillaries expand, and the hands and feet become warm, in the effort to shed excess heat. This extra blood flow allows more nutrients and oxygen to reach the cells, allows wastes to be rapidly exported, and allows rapid drainage of accumulated lymph. Click Here for a study showing the circulation benefits of Waon therapy. Relieves Pain ~ Infrared therapy is known to relieve chronic pain. Click here for one interesting study, focusing on back pain. However, many infrared devices offer no way to easily target that therapy on the affected area for long spans of time. The BioMat produces a significant amount far infrared light, without being hot to the touch. So it can be used close to the body, and can be used in a variety of ways. Infrared light offers a powerful and natural form of pain relief, with no unpleasant side effects.

TourmalineThe Benefits of Negative Ions have been studied extensively since 1991 when Erwin Neher and Bert Sakmann won the Nobel Prize for Medicine, for the discovery of single Ion channels in cells. Negative ions are abundant in natural environments such as forests, mountains, waterfalls, and oceans. In a 2013 report, studies were discussed about the positive effects of negative ions on physiological functions and human health(1).  In other studies, ion researcher PhD Michael Terman of Columbia University, who studies people with winter and chronic depression has shown that negative ion generators relieve depression as much as antidepressants. “The best part is that there are relatively no side effects, but we still need to figure out appropriate doses and which people it works best on,” he says. The Biomat® produces negative ions, nature’s energizer, through the use of Amethyst & Tourmaline.

Electromagnetic fields are present everywhere in our environment but are invisible to the human eye. Electric fields are produced by the local buildup of electric charges in the atmosphere associated with thunderstorms. The earth’s magnetic field causes a compass needle to orient in a North-South direction and is used by birds and fish for navigation. Besides natural sources the electromagnetic spectrum also includes fields generated by human-made sources. Low-frequency magnetic fields induce circulating currents within the human body. The strength of these currents depends on the intensity of the outside magnetic field. If sufficiently large, these currents could cause stimulation of nerves and muscles or affect other biological processes. Click here to read what the WHO says about EMFs. Several layers of the BioMat are designed to nullify the EMFs in the area of the mat; to assist in relieving the body of daily environmental stressors. When the body is alleviated of stress it heals better and functions as it should.

Visit us here at Transformations and take 10, to lay down and rejuvenate. (take more than ten if you want) Amethyst BioMat sessions are available either by walk-in or appointment (562) 438-1267. Sessions are in ten minute increments at a dollar a minute.Biomat

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed healthcare practitioner.

(1) Pino, Olimpia, and La Ragione, Francesco. “There’s Something in the Air: Empirical Evidence for the Effects of Negative Air Ions (NAI) on Psychophysiological State and Performance.” Research in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences. 1.4 (2013): 48-53.

Early Summer Classes

As you walk the path life has laid before you, with it’s hills and roads that go into unknown woods; we offer a guide. Early Summer Classes begin end of May and run through June.

When pre-registering for classes you are automatically entered in a drawing for prizes, relevant to the class you’ve enrolled in.

Tarot-1Tarot Transformations by Stephanie Salt  Classes Start May 24th 

“How to Transform Your Life thru Tarot” In this 6 week class you will learn to use the Raider Waite deck to answer questions on your life and the lives of your loved ones. We will be using the ancient art of Tarot as a diagnostic and development tool for personal and business transformation. We will use Tarot to open the portal to empowered intuition, and learn how to use tarot to enhance every aspect of our lives. We will learn how to use the Tarot to read people, gain insight into any situation, and apply quantum solutions to any problem or issue you are facing. Beginning May 24th, classes will be every Tuesday for 6 weeks; the last class being June 28th. Classes are from 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm; and cost $35.00 per class. You do receive a discount when buying classes as a series, at $175 for the bundle you get one class free.

We will be using the Rider -Waite Deck; bringing your own deck is a REQUIREMENT for the class. Transformations does sell the Rider Waite deck and if purchased with a class or the bundle you will be entitled to a 10% discount on your deck.  Every seat in this class is Valuable, and seats are limited. If you are ready to be vulnerable, challenged, open to transform what is not working, ready to invest in yourself and get what you want, call to pre-register at (562) 438-1267; and enter the drawing for a copy of Tarot for YourSelf. For more info, click here.

Hi I’m Stephanie Salt, Clairvoyant and Lawyer; I combine skills using ancient wisdom, clairvoyant intuition and spiritual gifts. My goal is to assist individuals to recognize their true life path. I understand the language and images of the ancient oracles, such as the I Ching and Tarot. I use these oracles to translate invisible currents that speak to life experiences as well as corporate challenges.

Astrology(1)Astrology 101 Series by Laura Lee Classes Start June 2nd

Have you ever been curious about Astrology? Wondered what all those symbols and pie slices mean in a “chart”? In this five week class you will learn to define what everything in the chart represents and why. This is a beginning level class, to teach the fundamentals of Astrology. In this class you will learn the four basic important components that make up an astrological wheel, or chart. Our Astrological Natal Chart truly is the blueprint for our current life. Beginning June 2nd, classes will be every Thursday for 5 weeks; the last class being June 30th.  Classes are from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm; and cost $25 per class You do receive a discount when buying classes as a series, at $100 for the bundle you get one class free.

There is also a one time Workbook Fee of $15, astrology workbook was created by Laura Lee specifically for this class. Every seat in this class is Valuable, and seats are limited. If you are ready to be vulnerable, challenged, open to transform what is not working, ready to invest in yourself and get what you want, call to call to pre-register at (562) 438-1267; and enter the drawing for a copy of Astrology: A Cosmic Science . For more info, click here.

Laura Lee’s main skill set in the field of esoteric sciences, is Astrology. She has been a student of Astrology for over twenty years and reading professionally for 15. My chief passion is to empower people through internal connection, and spiritual activism. Specializing in the activation of the Divine Feminine in both men and womyn, I strive to encourage balance. I aspire to give clients practical advice and something useful to take away from every session.

 Don’t miss Laura’s Free Astrology Overview Evening June 2nd, from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

  Come hear what Astrology entails, and how it has shaped your life.



Ancient Egyptian Healing Workshop by Serafina Krupp on June 4th

This workshop will be part class & part healing; as you learn about the practices of “Reyad Sekh Em®”. A healing practice combining ancient Egyptian philosophies, angelic elemental healing rays, sound vibration, sacred breathing and etheric crystalline energies. The workshop will introduce you to: the use of invocations and symbols, grounding, balancing and harmonizing with the Caduceus. You will then practice a Releasing Karma Meditation with Desert Rose crystal as well as work with The Violet Flame Meditation with Selenite crystal. To close the workshop the group will participate in an ancient Egyptian Healing with Presili Bluestone (the stone of Stonehenge) .

The class is 10:30 am – 3:00 pm on Saturday June 4th. If you pre-register the class is $50, or $55 day of the workshop. Crystals will be provided and are included in cost of workshop.

Every seat in this class is Valuable, and seats are limited. If you are ready to be vulnerable, challenged, open to transform what is not working, ready to invest in yourself and get what you want, call to call to pre-register at (562) 438-1267; and enter the drawing for a copy of Create Space with your Higher Self. For more info, click here.

Serafina is an Angelic Clairvoyant, with true connections to the higher realms. She is never quite what you expect and always what you need. In her own words “My mission is to be of service with love and grace”. Serafina brings the wisdom, training and practice of Reyad Sekh Em® to the United States, as part of her healing practices and wisdom. Serafina has been taught and mentored by Joanna Bristow-Watkins who developed and trademarked Reyad Sekh Em® Egyptian Healing. Joanna is a practitioner, teacher and mentor in the United Kingdom.

We hope to fill all you learning desires, if you have class you would like to see us host please let us know.




Using Prosperity Crystals

“Hello I’m Debi McKee, I would like to help you get the best crystal in your hands to get you on your way to your soul’s desires. Placing the right Crystal in the right place in your home can shift things quickly for you and your family. Or wearing a nice little crystal can make you feel so much better without even knowing why.”

Using Prosperity CrystalsCrystal-SubC

Some basic Feng Shui lessons on which crystals work best for prosperity in your life. Certain crystals teach you just by holding or sleeping with them. This month’s class covers the stones that pull the things you need to you. There are many factors that influence how prosperous we are; from confidence, to work, to luck… Changing your state of mind or perspective with intentions is a very simple practice of changing the ‘flow’ of money in your world. In this class the treasure box is open. Debi-compressorDebi will teach which stones can assist us in our goals & how to use them; while you have the opportunity to handle the stones we are discussing. You will feel and see  just what you’re learning.

The Using Prosperity Crystals class will be on Saturday May 14th & begins promptly at 1pm and lasts until 3pm. Cost is $25 per person and seats are limited so call ahead at (562) 438-1267 to ensure you get a seat in the class. Fun will be had Kayla’s promise…

Clairvoyant Reiki Master Mel Pruneda

Here at Transformations as we grow into the inclusive spiritual center we are; we have been searching for amazingly talented readers & healers. We have found them great people personally vetted by the owners Kristina & Noelle. So it is with great pleasure we introduce you to Clairvoyant Reiki Master Mel Pruneda. For those new to Reiki, it is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Mel (1)Mel is certified by the International Center for Reiki. Reiki healing energy provides fast, natural and effective relief from an extensive list of ailments. During sessions, he is sometimes allowed to see past lives & assist in healing of past life wounds; whether it be physical or emotional. Sessions are a blend of a clairaudient psychic reading and the practice of reiki, left to the discretion of the client. If you would prefer one or the other or both just ask, Mel is happy to fulfill your needs. Mel was called to his path as a healer while visiting Hawaii, after returning home and pursuing reiki he learned that his teacher was also called while visiting Hawaii. (Apparently Pele feels the world needs more healers)

On Select Sundays Mel will be in-store from noon until 6pm doing Reiki sessions; 15 minutes for $40, 30 minutes for $75 & an hour for $150. Call (562) 438-1267 for an appointment, of course walk-ins welcome.

Transformations acknowledges that neither we nor Mel are a trained medical professional, and as such sessions are not meant to diagnosis or heal medical conditions. Readings are for Entertainment purposes only.

Lisa Guest massages Transformations

Growing pains remind us that to change requires effort. Here at Transformations as we grow, we’re feeling the pull of new muscles; so we are including a great group of healers to easy the Bodies & Spirits of the Long Beach community. It is with great pleasure we have the opportunity to introduce Lisa Guest.

Lisa“Today, with non-stop technology racing us into our graves, it is touch that keeps us human.” Our para-sympathetic nervous system is not a natural reflex, talent or inherited skill set. Massage balances out stress with our own unique ability to relax.

Stress, induced via internal, interpersonal, or environmental factors affects us all differently. However, unless breached it keeps building; causing discomfort, disease, and eventually our demise. A chair massage releases the band of stress that connects our brain to our body. It gives us a second wind; it is a mini-vacation. Minutes on the chair provide immediate relief.

“I can release headaches, open the neck’s mobility, comfort symptoms of Carpal tunnel syndrome and lift your mood.  Sympathetic nervous systems are immediate, reactive and automatic. I’ve been doing chair massage in creative environments since 2001: Disney, CBS, TBS, Sprint, Women’s Conference, LA & LB Convention Centers, Warner Bros. With over 450 hours of training, I bring the mind back into awareness of body and soul.”

Lisa Guest massages Transformations, (I intend to be here every Friday)  Liberate energy locked up in tension… HELP the body function more effectively. Lisa will be in-store every Friday from 4pm until 8pm; sessions with her will be $25 for 15 minutes, $50 for 30 minutes, $70 for 45 minutes & $90 for an hour. Call ahead to schedule an appointment at  (562) 438-1267; but remember walk-ins are always welcome.Massage

“You have intuition, You Seem to know exactly where to touch and how much pressure to use.” Cicely Gilkey, production coordinator, Tyra

“Dr. Guest. You have helped me so much. You read between my lines.” Roberto Gonzalez, CBS

UC Berkeley Graduate 461 Hours Advanced Training 18 Years Experience License Certification #1616 Insurance #408011 161




Laura Lee Psychic Astrologer


Transformations is proud to introduce you to Laura Lee; and we are very glad she has decided to join the wonderful team of readers and healers we are assembling for the Long Beach community. “Laura has such clean radiant energy, I’m very excited for the opportunity to work with her.” Kayla Sashean

 “In my search for truth and spiritual evolution, I’ve discovered a love for the Tarot and combined with their symbolism and my innate psychic, clairvoyant, and empathic sensitivities, I provide advice and spiritual counseling on all life issues.
My chief passion is to empower people through internal connection, and spiritual activism. Specializing in the activation of the Divine Feminine in both men and womyn, I strive to encourage balance. I aspire to give clients practical advice and something useful to take away from every session.”

Laura will be here at Transformations every Friday from noon until four. Sessions are in fifteen minute increments with 15 minutes at $45, 30 minutes at $60, 45 minutes at $75 & 60 minutes $90. 

Laura Lee’s main skill set in the field of esoteric sciences, is Astrology. She not only provides natal chart readings, but can also provide compatibility readings, solar returns and progressed charts. She has been a student of Astrology for over twenty years and reading professionally for 15. She will research and explain in detail what was happening when you were born, and how that helped shape you as an individual. Charts & Readings take a week to prepare and are by appointment only. We will need your full name, date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. The closer the time the clearer the reading; without a time the placement of stars will vary slightly and Laura will approximate either midnight to noon or noon to midnight.Astrology(1) Your reading will be at minimum seven days from when you call with the details of your birth. Payment for Charts is taken in advance and is $150,  you will receive an hour and a half reading and explanation of your chart and any question you have will be answered at that time.

Call (562) 438-1267 to schedule your session with Laura Lee Psychic Astrologer; walk-ins always welcome.


All readings & charts are done for entertainment purposes.

Transforming Consciousness and Healing with a John of God Crystal Bed

I first heard the name “John of God” from a friend while in casual conversation on the phone.  The minute I heard his name I felt this strong desire to meet him.  I can’t really explain the feeling. I just knew I was supposed to go to his town of Abadiania in Brazil. I had recently been diagnosed with an extremely arthritic shoulder and was told I would need a shoulder replacement…that scared me half to death and I would have done almost anything to avoid it. So in less than a month I was on my way to Brazil with the friend who originally spoke his name.

Abadiania-Dom-InacioThere is an extraordinary feeling when you first arrive in Abadiania. It literally feels like you are walking through healing spirit after healing spirit…the atmosphere is thick with a kind of energy almost impossible to explain. After a day or so of acclimating to the energy we were going through an orientation on how the three days of being with John of God would work.

First you speak to an interpreter about what you want to heal.  For example “I want to heal my right shoulder”.  Your interpreter writes down your request on a little piece of paper and instructs you to hold on to it and give it back to him when you stand before John of God. You then wait in a long line going through what is called the “Current” room where there are dozens of people praying and sending healing energy to the people in line.

One of the main things that people want to experience with John of God is the invisible operations he and his beings perform.  I was no different…I wanted the miracle healing from the invisible operation.  But this wasn’t the path for me.  Instead John of God prescribed three Crystal Bed treatments for the week.

“What’s that?” I thought.  “I came here for an operation and now all I get is some lousy Crystal Bed treatment?”  My friend was prescribed not one but two surgeries for the first week. “Why was I not given the same opportunity as my friend?” But I begrudgingly surrendered to my fate and signed up for three sessions.

jogbed-EblastWhen I arrived for my first session I had been experiencing excruciating pain in my shoulder which radiated down my spine to my lower back and hips.  Nothing I tried seemed to relieve it. I was escorted into a small room with a body table and an apparatus with seven faceted Crystals hanging from a bar above the table.  I was instructed to get on the table face up and just close my eyes and relax.  I’ve been blessed to have received many different modalities of healing through my life.  Most entailed a good deal of work to receive the healing.  But this was quite different…I simply had to close my eyes, relax and let the light from the Crystals do their thing…whatever that was.

I closed my eyes and what felt like only a few minutes later, the door opened and I was escorted out and told to go lay down in my room. On the way back to my room I felt very altered…that’s the only way to explain it…altered.  Not only that but the pain in my shoulder and back had greatly diminished. I laid on my bed and slept through the night into the next day…I slept for almost sixteen hours straight. The following treatments each contained many awakenings and deep, deep healing.  By the end of my first week in Abadiania I felt pretty darned fantastic.

But healing comes in many forms.  There is the physical yet also the emotional, mental and all the varying shades in between.  My physical body was only part of what I healed through the Chrystal Beds.

During this first week my friend and I became the surrogate mothers for a group of street dogs. We are both major animal lovers so having this little band of brothers following us around from place to place felt wonderful.  We picked up some dog food in town and fed these skinny little babies hoping they would eventually find homes amongst the many posadas (the local housing similar in quality to a strip mall motel). But many Brazilians have a different consciousness where four leggeds are concerned.  They don’t always see them as members of their families.  At one point my friend and I saved a dog who was quite ill and when we brought the dog into the inner sanctum of the Casa (the place where John of God does his healings) we were told that we had done a horrible thing.  That these creatures carried many diseases and we were sure to contract some thing or another. This of course as animal advocates brought us deep sadness.  But we continued our mission of feeding the babies and our last night in Abadiania the little troupe honored us by sleeping in our room.

The next day we both had one last Crystal Bed session (by this time we were hooked on the energy of the beds). Our sessions were scheduled for the same time.  When we regrouped afterward my friend asked me “What was your experience?”  I actually had quite an unusual vision.  In my vision I had a telepathic communication with Mother Theresa. Now I’m not Catholic and having visions of a Saint just doesn’t happen to me so I took it quite seriously. In this vision Mother Teresa came to me and told me not to be intimidated by the locals in the town who were chiding us for loving and feeding the dogs.  She showed me a picture of herself on the streets of Calcutta holding a street person in her arms until they took their last breath.  Often passers by would spit on her or kick her but she never stopped. She said “Don’t stop loving and caring for these creatures.  God loves them just as much as any human.  Continue to do your work. The town will learn from your example.” When I shared all of this with my friend, she grabbed my hand and through a bucket of tears proclaimed “I had the same vision.”

Three months later we returned to Abadiania and found bowls of dog food and water outside almost every posada.  Chills ran up and down our spines. We knew there were probably many other folks who had also helped to create this transformation.  Still we were grateful we were a part of the inner team that contributed to this new paradigm in this little healing town known as the home to John of God.

And all of this came to pass through a Crystal Bed session that I didn’t really even want…

Kristina-signatureTransforming Consciousness and Healing with a John of God Crystal Bed


To learn more about the event we are having in-store at Transformations, Click Here

Introducing Crystal Healer Debi McKee

DebiHello, I’m Debi McKee, I would like to help you get the best crystal in your hands to get you on your way to your soul’s desires. Placing the right Crystal in the right place in your home can shift things quickly for you and your family. Or wearing a nice little crystal can make you feel so much better without even knowing why.  I hold many events, workshops & digs around California.

I have been a Fashion & Interior Designer & Manufacturer for 23 yrs. I am also a Crystal Energie’ Healer, Counselor, Teacher & Shaman. I can Heal your life through color and design, on your body or in your home; or through Crystal Healing Energy. I  am trained to use the Laying-on-of-Hand-&-Stones by Melody; I am also a Usui Reiki Master & trained in Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio Philosophy & Pranic Healing. I provide sessions, to heal the Individual, Family & Children. So much is about color and how life influences us and in return… influencing and changing the life you are meant to live to one of  true happiness and bliss. I can help you find your way on your path to the most powerful high vibrational level possible.          ~~Designing and Healing the world’s needs through Crystal Healing Energie’~~

Introducing Crystal Healer Debi McKee… Here at Transformations we are so pleased to bring Debi in on a regular basis. Going forward she will be both teaching here and doing healing readings. Her energy is like a spring breeze off the ocean; clean, crisp & playful. Debi is an immensely knowledgeable reader, healer & teacher; join us here in-store for classes and readings.  Crystal Healing

Crystal Readings and Healings

Beginning Sunday April 10th Debi will be here at Transformations from 10am – 5pm. With Debi you will work through your auric field, chakras, body parts, internal organs, your soul, past lives, and through to your future wants and needs to get and keep you on your chosen pathe. Debi works with the White Light of the Holy Spirit, God, the Universal Energy of One, Arch Angels, Guides, and Deities. Your’s will come in also to assist you, your Animal Totem, and possibly a departed loved one who cares for you the most. All for the Greater Good & to share messages for your story at this time. Tools will be given for you to apply to your progress. Each session may be different. Your body will remember the treatments and you go deeper each time. “I truly believes they do this in Heaven, for your deepest rest in between lives. This is ancient work, not really new at all. I first learned it in Lemuria.”

Sessions are either 30 minutes for $75 or a hour for $150; please call Transformations at (562) 438-1267 to schedule an appointment.


Crystals of Protection and Grounding ~ Class

Ever notice how some Crystal’s make you feel safer than others? Or how some are your favorites and you are not sure why? Certain Crystal’s teach you just by holding or sleeping with them. This is a simple and basic class of how to use Crystal’s for Grounding and Protecting yourself, your auric field, and the parameters of your home. We will cover basic crystals whose energies work for protection, as well as those whose energies assist us in grounding. To avoid being flung about but the tumultuous winds of daily life, come learn with us.KSSGrounded-compressor

Class is April 16th from 1pm until 3pm, here in-store at Transformation. Cost is $25 per person, call (562) 438-1267 to reserve your spot.






All readings are for entertainment purposes, Transformations acknowledges that neither we nor Debi are a medical professional, and as such sessions are not meant to diagnosis or heal medical conditions.


Spring Equinox Psychic Healing Faire


GV-LogoOur Spring Equinox Faire dovetails with the “Beach Street” event on Broadway…this should be a blow out, fun extravaganza!!!  Join us on March 19th along with dozens of other businesses all along Broadway from downtown to Euclid Street in Belmont Heights.

Click here for info on “Beach Streets”

Beach Streets

“Transformation’s Psychic Healing Faire held in conjunction with the city’s “Beach Streets”,  is an extension of our expanding vision to be a Spiritual Center for the community. We will be bringing in healers and psychics to enrich our customer’s life path. As well as brief presentations on upcoming classes & events. While still a store of beauty, we are also a place where all can come and feel nourished and inspired. To launch this vision we will be kicking off the Spring Equinox with our Faire.” Co-Creator Noelle Harris


Our “Ten”, are all very talented healers & readers; with such a selection there will be something for everyone. Choose whom you’d like your session to be with or do several sessions. You are also welcome to come enjoy the energy of the sanctuary we’ve built here on Broadway. The Faire and open street event are sure to entertain the whole family. Join the frivolity with Henna tattoos and a raffle; there will be music in the street and with no cars probably some dancing too.

the “Ten” Healers & Readers 

Serafina Krupp       Angelic Clairvoyant

RA                          Intuitive Reader & Healer

Myrna Godfrey      Past life Regression Healer

Stephanie Salt        Psychic Consultant

Susan Queen          Psychic Reader & Healer

Debra Hookey        Medium

Debi McKee           Crystal Healer

Laura Lee               Spiritual Coach & Tarot Reader

Tara Thaler             Animal Communicator

Mel Pruneda           Reiki Master

Sessions are 15 minutes and $25 per session.

Transform your Life ~ Transform the World