Final Transformation

The Transformation of Transformations

It began as a dream…to create a space where folk could gather and be inspired by the beautiful environment. A place filled with objects of art, up-cycled furnishings, and a cadre of mystical embellishments all designed to uplift and inspire the spirit. Along the way we made deep and lasting friendships.  We filled ourselves with knowledge and opened our hearts to all kinds of awakening.

Four years have passed since that initial call from spirit.  Four years and tons of growth. But nothing in the world remains the same.  As one of my spiritual teachers said to me many years ago…”The only constant is change”.  We are moving, evolving, preparing for our next adventure. So the time for us to say adieu has come.

Transformations will be closing its doors this month of May.  But first we are having a blow out, below rock bottom prices sale starting Fri May 12th. Everything must go…everything but the kitchen sink and even that is negotiable. We want to thank you for your many years of support and look forward to meeting once again in a future incarnation.

Blessings and Love to All,

Kristina Sanborn


Transforming Consciousness and Healing with a John of God Crystal Bed

I first heard the name “John of God” from a friend while in casual conversation on the phone.  The minute I heard his name I felt this strong desire to meet him.  I can’t really explain the feeling. I just knew I was supposed to go to his town of Abadiania in Brazil. I had recently been diagnosed with an extremely arthritic shoulder and was told I would need a shoulder replacement…that scared me half to death and I would have done almost anything to avoid it. So in less than a month I was on my way to Brazil with the friend who originally spoke his name.

Abadiania-Dom-InacioThere is an extraordinary feeling when you first arrive in Abadiania. It literally feels like you are walking through healing spirit after healing spirit…the atmosphere is thick with a kind of energy almost impossible to explain. After a day or so of acclimating to the energy we were going through an orientation on how the three days of being with John of God would work.

First you speak to an interpreter about what you want to heal.  For example “I want to heal my right shoulder”.  Your interpreter writes down your request on a little piece of paper and instructs you to hold on to it and give it back to him when you stand before John of God. You then wait in a long line going through what is called the “Current” room where there are dozens of people praying and sending healing energy to the people in line.

One of the main things that people want to experience with John of God is the invisible operations he and his beings perform.  I was no different…I wanted the miracle healing from the invisible operation.  But this wasn’t the path for me.  Instead John of God prescribed three Crystal Bed treatments for the week.

“What’s that?” I thought.  “I came here for an operation and now all I get is some lousy Crystal Bed treatment?”  My friend was prescribed not one but two surgeries for the first week. “Why was I not given the same opportunity as my friend?” But I begrudgingly surrendered to my fate and signed up for three sessions.

jogbed-EblastWhen I arrived for my first session I had been experiencing excruciating pain in my shoulder which radiated down my spine to my lower back and hips.  Nothing I tried seemed to relieve it. I was escorted into a small room with a body table and an apparatus with seven faceted Crystals hanging from a bar above the table.  I was instructed to get on the table face up and just close my eyes and relax.  I’ve been blessed to have received many different modalities of healing through my life.  Most entailed a good deal of work to receive the healing.  But this was quite different…I simply had to close my eyes, relax and let the light from the Crystals do their thing…whatever that was.

I closed my eyes and what felt like only a few minutes later, the door opened and I was escorted out and told to go lay down in my room. On the way back to my room I felt very altered…that’s the only way to explain it…altered.  Not only that but the pain in my shoulder and back had greatly diminished. I laid on my bed and slept through the night into the next day…I slept for almost sixteen hours straight. The following treatments each contained many awakenings and deep, deep healing.  By the end of my first week in Abadiania I felt pretty darned fantastic.

But healing comes in many forms.  There is the physical yet also the emotional, mental and all the varying shades in between.  My physical body was only part of what I healed through the Chrystal Beds.

During this first week my friend and I became the surrogate mothers for a group of street dogs. We are both major animal lovers so having this little band of brothers following us around from place to place felt wonderful.  We picked up some dog food in town and fed these skinny little babies hoping they would eventually find homes amongst the many posadas (the local housing similar in quality to a strip mall motel). But many Brazilians have a different consciousness where four leggeds are concerned.  They don’t always see them as members of their families.  At one point my friend and I saved a dog who was quite ill and when we brought the dog into the inner sanctum of the Casa (the place where John of God does his healings) we were told that we had done a horrible thing.  That these creatures carried many diseases and we were sure to contract some thing or another. This of course as animal advocates brought us deep sadness.  But we continued our mission of feeding the babies and our last night in Abadiania the little troupe honored us by sleeping in our room.

The next day we both had one last Crystal Bed session (by this time we were hooked on the energy of the beds). Our sessions were scheduled for the same time.  When we regrouped afterward my friend asked me “What was your experience?”  I actually had quite an unusual vision.  In my vision I had a telepathic communication with Mother Theresa. Now I’m not Catholic and having visions of a Saint just doesn’t happen to me so I took it quite seriously. In this vision Mother Teresa came to me and told me not to be intimidated by the locals in the town who were chiding us for loving and feeding the dogs.  She showed me a picture of herself on the streets of Calcutta holding a street person in her arms until they took their last breath.  Often passers by would spit on her or kick her but she never stopped. She said “Don’t stop loving and caring for these creatures.  God loves them just as much as any human.  Continue to do your work. The town will learn from your example.” When I shared all of this with my friend, she grabbed my hand and through a bucket of tears proclaimed “I had the same vision.”

Three months later we returned to Abadiania and found bowls of dog food and water outside almost every posada.  Chills ran up and down our spines. We knew there were probably many other folks who had also helped to create this transformation.  Still we were grateful we were a part of the inner team that contributed to this new paradigm in this little healing town known as the home to John of God.

And all of this came to pass through a Crystal Bed session that I didn’t really even want…

Kristina-signatureTransforming Consciousness and Healing with a John of God Crystal Bed


To learn more about the event we are having in-store at Transformations, Click Here

Mother of Cups

Welcome to our new Blog feature; the weekly card pull.

We will pull a card once a week, and explain what it means when that card enters your life. We will journey through Tarot decks, both traditional and contemporary; as well as Angel Cards &  Oracle Decks. Join us once a week to explore the Art & Meaning of the various decks available for your divinatory practices.

Deck, The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans


A gorgeous deck, done in ink line drawings and watercolors; inspired by the daily meditations of the artist. This pull is from her first edition (we are anxiously awaiting her new second edition) The artist feels the cards have one true meaning, and to respect that we will present only the upright meaning.

Card, Mother of Cups – Insightful, PsychicWU-MomCups (1)

The Mother of Cups rivals the High Priestess with her natural psychic abilities. She’s a gentle tranquil woman whose insights bring healing to those around her. She thrives amidst her family, the arts, music, or beauty of any kind. Like a true swan, when the Mother of Cups is pushed she becomes aggressive & defensive. She’ll commonly see herself as the victim when in a distressed situation.

The Cups Family- artistic, open minded & quiet individuals; dreamers, typically with light hair & complexion. In regards to the court cards, Kim is quoted as saying “I chose a common variation that ties into our family system: daughter, son, mother & father. I think this offers an immediate connection to the cards, allowing you to easily & intuitively link each character to someone you know.”  Krans, Kim The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook  2012

WU-MomCups (2)When the Mother of Cups appears either in a daily card pull or a full reading; we need to understand that she represents an actual person in our life. This will be a woman & we will have a difference in age; enough so, that she could have carried us. She may be the person we need to emulate or learn from her mistakes. She may be a person we are having issues with and need to understand better. Cups is the suit of emotion, and ruled by water; so the Mother of Cups will teach us of our Heart. Do we need to spend time with a friend, lover or maybe our mom? Are we fighting with our own heart? Ignoring what an older soul is trying to share? When the Mother of Cups is pulled; we should take action to find which lady in our life she represents and then listen to her insights about whatever relationship we need to work with.

to purchase The Wild Unknown click here.


Metaphysical Center?

Listening…not always easy…
For the past two and a half years we have focused our attention on home decor and furnishings.  We have included energy objects such as crystals and statues and have, I believe, successfully merged these two worlds into one.

But something kept happening…our patrons would come to the store and ask “Do you have crystal classes here?” or “I’d like to take a class on how to meditate…do you have one of those?”.  We would sell lots of statues of Gods and Goddesses from many diverse cultures but rarely would sell beautiful glass plates and bowls…very reasonably priced I might add.  People would come in and just want to hang out, take a seat and talk for awhile…shop owners from the area would stop buy just to chat and be in the space.  We kept pushing the home decor (We even brought in a fine furniture line) but to no avail…don’t get me wrong, people would buy some but as a rule it was incense and candles, statues and crystals.

We tried it all…kept pushing for the home decor but instead we were becoming a Sanctuary for Long Beach.  Did we listen?  No…not really.  We trudged up the mountain sweating and grunting the whole way…we didn’t understand why our store was struggling to stay a float…

Do you think maybe we weren’t listening?…

Here we are the folks that supposedly believe in allowing the Universe to speak to us.  We had seen time and time again that if we trusted following a path of our own making and throwing down bread crumbs to mark our way we could be very successful and happy.   Yet still we pushed and pushed hoping to break through to what we “thought” were the proper business moves.  But the Universe wanted something more from us…something where we would have to trust the unknown and move forward regardless. But how?  We had forgotten you have to “listen”.

Then one day the Universe became very insistent.  One of our employees has a Grand Mother who is a renowned psychic.  If you’ve read any of our blogs you already know who I’m talking about.  Deloris Cardelucci.  One day Deloris asked her Grand Daughter to inquire as to whether or not Noelle and I would like a reading from her.  “Why not?” we proclaimed “We can use all the help we can get!”  The Universe was reaching out and touching us…we hadn’t listened any other way…time to pull out the big guns.  In her reading Deloris said that if we turned our store into a metaphysical center we would be very successful…ok…now what?  We pow wow’d and pow wow’d.  And the truth was that our heart’s desires were much more geared towards the magical, crazy world of Spirit and all the adventures she could provide than it was to selling furniture and accessories.  Don’t get me wrong, we love decorating but deep down inside we’re about the love of all things spiritual.

So…not so very long ago. No more than a couple of months ago. We proclaimed who we were and immediately began shifting our focus from the decor to the Divine.  And as soon as we did this what do you suppose happened?  We began selling couches.  This doesn’t mean we were supposed to go back into home decor as our focus.  No.  It meant that once we proclaimed who we were and took action steps towards those ends, the Universe supported us.  The main key was to listen.  Listen to that subtle voice within nudging us forward inch by inch, mile by mile.

We are now deep into the trenches.  We are in the eye of the tornado as we plunge forward into the unknown.  It’s chaotic and crazy but we have already attracted some wonderful healers and teachers who are just chomping at the bit to do their thing at our former store, now metaphysical center.

This journey to listen. This adventure into the unknown. This opportunity to be authentic.  All of these lessons are key for achieving success in our little part of the planet.  And maybe, just maybe we can share a thing or two to help those behind us have less of a struggle…first, simply listen.  That’s the place to start…shhhhhh!…can you hear it? Listen…

Transformations Transforms Itself…

Transformations is undergoing a major transformation!!!

We are moving into a completely new paradigm!!! When the impetus for change becomes paramount and you realize that banging your head against a wall…or banging your fist on a door that never opens, has become a daily ritual, it’s time to re-evaluate. Time to take stock and surrender to the moment. When you become completely exhausted and bereft, you either let go or go mad. So we are surrendering and shifting our focus to what we believe the underlying message of the store has always been.

UA0151 (2)

By marketing ourselves as a home goods store with a twist we’ve been swimming upstream. Our customers haven’t been wanting a lamp or chair. They’ve been walking through our doors wanting peace and understanding. They are looking to know themselves, to experience community, and grow in their relationship with Spirit. Whether it be the way they decorate their homes, or what they do for a living, the food they eat, or the music they play, our customers are seeking a higher power to guide their transformation as a result of surrendering to their own sacred voice within.

We have been blessed with an extraordinary group of patrons who, upon entering our store become mesmerized by the energy of the place. Whether it is the chimes gently tinkling through the open doors, the faint scent of early morning incense burning, or perhaps the music playing softly. once you enter the space you will discover a kind of inner peace that just makes you want to sit in one of our comfy chairs and stay awhile…

This is not just a home goods store (although we love having pretty things around us). This is a spiritual respite, a place to feel safe and blow off the tensions of life’s daily struggles. This is a place where friends are made and stories are told.

So we are changing our focus and recreating the space in such a way as to allow it to be what it has been craving to be. We will still have pottery and artisan wares but we will be letting go of items that are mass manufactured and hold little energy. As an example, when you pick up a potter’s work where his or her hands have molded the clay themselves, there is a kind of alchemy you cannot duplicate. We will offer a wide array of books, temple incense rarely found in the west, mertis (statues) from varying cultures, crystals, singing bowls, wind chimes, bells and tuning forks to name a few. But please don’t worry. We will still search high and low for those unique treasures that touch our souls.

We will be inviting the best of the best clairvoyants and mediums, teachers from all walks of life, and individuals with particularly unique modalities of expression. There will be book signings and poetry readings, pujas and tarot…a wide variety of divinations will be offered. And on occasion we might close our doors for special events.

It’s all moving and changing. It’s big and just a bit scary but we’re up to the task. We are asking for divine guidance and are open to the changes requested of us through surrender’s constant motion. Transformations. It’s a loaded word to be sure… But if you’re willing to take the leap with us through the expression within your own lives, the ride will be all the more fun. Dare we say we’re a metaphysical center and store? We dare and we are.

And we would love to hear back from you. It will help us do a better job of creating this sanctuary of light.

Blessings and thanks for your continued support.

Transform with Readings by Clairvoyant Dolores Cardelucci

October with it’s changing fall leaves, cooler weather & shortening days invokes a need to prepare; as they say “Winter is coming”. Here at Transformations we are always looking for ways to improve and enrich ourselves and our understanding of our environment. In the spirit of knowing what’s to be expected and transforming to meet the challenges of the future; we are scouring the city-scape to find the right clairvoyants & mediums. Bringing to you; the great opportunity to ask and find answers to the challenges and concerns in your life. In the coming months we will be bringing in readers & psychics, giving you the freedom to plan with foresight. As a special bonus we will be holding an event on All Hallows Eve* with an outstanding clairvoyant…


   For the upcoming event we would like to introduce to you the lovely & gifted Dolores Cardelucci, she is an immensely talented Clairvoyant. While saying the word clairvoyance conjures up images of turbans and crystal balls; and in books and movies it is shrouded in ghostly moans and rattling chains. In truth, the word simply means,”CLEAR SEEING”. Stated this way, it doesn’t sound so mysterious or mystical. In her 80’s Dolores herself appears more like everyone’s favorite Grandma.  

   While clairvoyant’s have a long and often questioned history; psychic counseling remains today a much sought-after form of guidance and emotional support both for the everyday citizen as well as the movers and shakers in the world we live in. For more than sixty-plus years, Dolores Cardelucci has been one of the preeminent  Psychic readers in Hollywood and New York. Dolores’ specialty is business readings but anything can and does make it’s way into a reading. Her skill is undeniable with a Rolodex looking like a Who’s Who list of the entertainment industry. George, Jennifer, Kelsey or Sharon won’t make a professional move without a quick visit to Dolores for her insight.

Dolores is so established as a true clairvoyant that when the Wall Street Journal in 2014 decided to interview a select group of celebrities about the future, she was included in that list. Asked about herself and her skills she’s quoted as saying “I have read people ever since I was a young person. I just automatically did it. I hear voices—that’s how I read. I hear the voice that people hear when they sit down to meditate and listen to their own answers. I read the mental atmosphere around the person, and I predict. You know that expression, ‘We saw each other and knew instantly it was love’? It’s the same thing in a reading. People who are not readers do this all the time. You have a friend who advises you; ‘I’ve got a feeling about this.’ I do workshops with big groups, and it’s based on their own intuition. I teach them how to read each other, how to see this as just a matter of life. I’m not talking about walking around in la-la land. Just to be still—to know that we can all hear what we should do.”

(WSJ Nov 2014)

   If you are unsure if mediums are your thing Dolores has an inviting presence which will ease the mind. “THE DIVINING HOUR” written for LAWeekly back in October 2006, By Ella Taylor describes the experience of a recalcitrant skeptic having a reading for the first time from Dolores Cardelucci. Ella writes “In a fabulous whiskey voice, she’s prepped me over the phone to bring a watch (because she reads through jewelry) and/or a significant person’s photo, handwriting sample or business card.”  When Ella arrives for her reading she’s feeling unsettled, but is met with Dolores who she describes as  “Brisk and grandmotherly in matching yellow top and pants, Dolores outlines her philosophy and practice, a formidable brew of spiritual conviction and adaptive business smarts.” And concludes “By the time she sums up with the news that 2007 will give me a “breather” on most fronts, I am thoroughly and contentedly in her pocket. Whether she’s just a shrewd judge of character and human desire or knows something I don’t, Dolores, like any therapist worth her 50 minutes, has made me feel what few of us are made to feel most of the time — respected, attended to, comforted and hopeful.”  

(LAWeekly Oct 2006) 

   Dolores teaches the nature of forgiveness and to come face-to-face with your ego. When speaking about what it is she and other psychics do, Dolores has been quoted saying  “Nobody goes to a psychic when they’re happy. I give people a spiritual way to accomplish their dreams and goals.” her mission dovetails with our wish here at Transformations, to be a place of support for everyone on their spiritual journey. Our event this October 31st* will be a fun chance to meet Dolores Cardelucci, have tea & cookies plus receive a free reading with an in-store purchase. Please join us…  

(*Date Finalized*) Our “Transform with Dolores” event will happen on All Hallows Eve – Halloween, Saturday October 31st. She will be here in store from 12 until 4; readings will be given as a gift with purchase. Receive a free ten minute reading with a $35 purchase, twenty minutes with $70 & thirty minutes with $100+. Dolores uses Psychometry (the ability through touch , to see the past, present or future of an object or person) and will read from a piece of jewelry habitually worn such as a watch or pendant, she can also read from photos. We hope to see you there, I’ll save you a cookie.


FOR EVENT INFO – please contact us at (562)438-1267 or

 FOR A NON-EVENT APPOINTMENT –  or visit Ageless Mind – Dolores Cardelucci

Why we are passionate about Ganesh

We are passionate about Ganesh.This cherubic-faced Eastern God is actually in human form, but with the head of an elephant. He is the aspect of the Supreme Being that removes obstacles and brings good fortune. He is a patron of the arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom. He is the first to be worshiped  before beginning any spiritual or worldly endeavor, and is invoked upon the launching of new projects to help ensure success.

St0109 Ganesh on Rat

So for us here at Transformations with the with the launching of our e-commerce site, we knew that Ganesh would be our guide into this great new adventure. Every time we go treasure hunting we have found this magical Being, and in many different poses… seated, standing, lying on his belly, swinging on a swing, or even aiming his bow & arrow. He carries a wide array of instruments, and adorns himself in many different garments(usually in the color red). You will most likely see him with a little rat… his ride of choice.

ST0009-1-compressorWe of course always look for that special one of a kind version of Ganesh that we can share with our customers. You never know which version of a particular Being will ignite your imagination or heart. And with Ganesh we have been blessed with a multitude of choices.

But beware… you never know when your favorite will be snatched up. So don’t delay when you feel that tug… Ganesh is calling, just waiting to assist you with your deepest desires.  From now until the the end of July we are offering a special discount of 20% off all of our beloved Ganesh statues. Helping you to join in the celebration of our latest adventure… our e-commerce site.

Kristina ~

Click here to view an assortment of our favorite Ganeshes.

One Year Strong

We here at Transformations had a birthday recently. We are one year strong. Currently we are “transforming” our website. It’s such a challenge to reflect on the site what the experience is like walking into the store but I believe we’re doing a pretty good job. We’ve also been acquiring some magnificent crystals and inspirational artifacts from a private estate. Just two days ago Noelle and I found ourselves knee deep in art from India, hunting for those just right pieces we know our customers will love. And now we barely have enough wall space for all our latest acquisitions!!!

As indicated by the name of our store we continue to dissolve and evolve, dissolve and evolve, dissolve and evolve. We’re in a constant state of transformation. Come in and take a gander at our recently acquired treasures…we’d love to see you…

Two Headed Buddha Head from Bali

One More for the Road…

Totally Engrossed
Totally Engrossed

We’ve barely packed away our Christmas left overs…in fact we haven’t even completed packing them away and we’re off and running to all the trade shows that begin right at the first of the year…

In fact as I write this Noelle and I are at one of the biggest trade shows of the year and boy oh boy have we discovered some beautifully unique offerings for the home…

We have compiled a diverse grouping of home accessories including our infamously famous driftwood carvings of Buddha heads, selenite lamps large to small, onyx serving pieces, multi sized hearts carved from varying minerals and rocks, the most fragrant bundles of lavender we have ever experienced, a beautiful line of china pieces, handwoven baskets…just to name a few!!!

Also since the first of the year we have acquired a sublet on a small warehouse where we can store all of our furnishings that are just waiting to find a home in our showroom…the pathway to finding a real home…

And our classes have launched…the second Saturday we hosted our first Feng Shui class then followed it up with an all day painting class the next Saturday…both classes were a huge success.

Finally we are preparing to launch the e-commerce division of our store…it’s a lot of work but we’re up to the task I believe…we are probably two months from going live but it’s something we can’t wait to share with you all…our second location…virtual but still a location…

None of this would be possible without you our friends. So thank you…thank you from the bottom of our hearts.