Introducing Crystal Healer Debi McKee

DebiHello, I’m Debi McKee, I would like to help you get the best crystal in your hands to get you on your way to your soul’s desires. Placing the right Crystal in the right place in your home can shift things quickly for you and your family. Or wearing a nice little crystal can make you feel so much better without even knowing why.  I hold many events, workshops & digs around California.

I have been a Fashion & Interior Designer & Manufacturer for 23 yrs. I am also a Crystal Energie’ Healer, Counselor, Teacher & Shaman. I can Heal your life through color and design, on your body or in your home; or through Crystal Healing Energy. I  am trained to use the Laying-on-of-Hand-&-Stones by Melody; I am also a Usui Reiki Master & trained in Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio Philosophy & Pranic Healing. I provide sessions, to heal the Individual, Family & Children. So much is about color and how life influences us and in return… influencing and changing the life you are meant to live to one of  true happiness and bliss. I can help you find your way on your path to the most powerful high vibrational level possible.          ~~Designing and Healing the world’s needs through Crystal Healing Energie’~~

Introducing Crystal Healer Debi McKee… Here at Transformations we are so pleased to bring Debi in on a regular basis. Going forward she will be both teaching here and doing healing readings. Her energy is like a spring breeze off the ocean; clean, crisp & playful. Debi is an immensely knowledgeable reader, healer & teacher; join us here in-store for classes and readings.  Crystal Healing

Crystal Readings and Healings

Beginning Sunday April 10th Debi will be here at Transformations from 10am – 5pm. With Debi you will work through your auric field, chakras, body parts, internal organs, your soul, past lives, and through to your future wants and needs to get and keep you on your chosen pathe. Debi works with the White Light of the Holy Spirit, God, the Universal Energy of One, Arch Angels, Guides, and Deities. Your’s will come in also to assist you, your Animal Totem, and possibly a departed loved one who cares for you the most. All for the Greater Good & to share messages for your story at this time. Tools will be given for you to apply to your progress. Each session may be different. Your body will remember the treatments and you go deeper each time. “I truly believes they do this in Heaven, for your deepest rest in between lives. This is ancient work, not really new at all. I first learned it in Lemuria.”

Sessions are either 30 minutes for $75 or a hour for $150; please call Transformations at (562) 438-1267 to schedule an appointment.


Crystals of Protection and Grounding ~ Class

Ever notice how some Crystal’s make you feel safer than others? Or how some are your favorites and you are not sure why? Certain Crystal’s teach you just by holding or sleeping with them. This is a simple and basic class of how to use Crystal’s for Grounding and Protecting yourself, your auric field, and the parameters of your home. We will cover basic crystals whose energies work for protection, as well as those whose energies assist us in grounding. To avoid being flung about but the tumultuous winds of daily life, come learn with us.KSSGrounded-compressor

Class is April 16th from 1pm until 3pm, here in-store at Transformation. Cost is $25 per person, call (562) 438-1267 to reserve your spot.






All readings are for entertainment purposes, Transformations acknowledges that neither we nor Debi are a medical professional, and as such sessions are not meant to diagnosis or heal medical conditions.


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