Lisa Guest massages Transformations

Growing pains remind us that to change requires effort. Here at Transformations as we grow, we’re feeling the pull of new muscles; so we are including a great group of healers to easy the Bodies & Spirits of the Long Beach community. It is with great pleasure we have the opportunity to introduce Lisa Guest.

Lisa“Today, with non-stop technology racing us into our graves, it is touch that keeps us human.” Our para-sympathetic nervous system is not a natural reflex, talent or inherited skill set. Massage balances out stress with our own unique ability to relax.

Stress, induced via internal, interpersonal, or environmental factors affects us all differently. However, unless breached it keeps building; causing discomfort, disease, and eventually our demise. A chair massage releases the band of stress that connects our brain to our body. It gives us a second wind; it is a mini-vacation. Minutes on the chair provide immediate relief.

“I can release headaches, open the neck’s mobility, comfort symptoms of Carpal tunnel syndrome and lift your mood.  Sympathetic nervous systems are immediate, reactive and automatic. I’ve been doing chair massage in creative environments since 2001: Disney, CBS, TBS, Sprint, Women’s Conference, LA & LB Convention Centers, Warner Bros. With over 450 hours of training, I bring the mind back into awareness of body and soul.”

Lisa Guest massages Transformations, (I intend to be here every Friday)  Liberate energy locked up in tension… HELP the body function more effectively. Lisa will be in-store every Friday from 4pm until 8pm; sessions with her will be $25 for 15 minutes, $50 for 30 minutes, $70 for 45 minutes & $90 for an hour. Call ahead to schedule an appointment at  (562) 438-1267; but remember walk-ins are always welcome.Massage

“You have intuition, You Seem to know exactly where to touch and how much pressure to use.” Cicely Gilkey, production coordinator, Tyra

“Dr. Guest. You have helped me so much. You read between my lines.” Roberto Gonzalez, CBS

UC Berkeley Graduate 461 Hours Advanced Training 18 Years Experience License Certification #1616 Insurance #408011 161




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