Parking Angels

It seems we are always debunking the magic that is happening all around us in our lives. From the sublime to the ridiculous we minimize how Spirit or a Higher Power, the Goddess, Christ or Allah…whatever you choose to name it…works through our lives in a most profound way. On a monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, and yes I dare say minute to minute basis, we are being blessed.

imagesNoelle and I just returned from a yearly buying trip, which took us into Denver, Colorado. We are not familiar with the city in the least. So getting around smoothly, effortlessly, could possibly have created nervous irritation and anxiety. That on ramp we missed causing us to go miles our of our way, or that one way street where we should have turned right rather than left, frankly any of number of tourista maddening possibilities, we are always learning and re-learning and re-learning that when it’s right; when Spirit deems us a boon, or when we just need a break, She is there with open arms just waiting to offer us perfect help we need.

It’s always smart to call on our Parking Angels. They are just waiting to point their magic wands sprinkling angel dust wherever they go. We bow in reverence to their magically ways. They are prepared to provide anything we might need…or want and are just waiting to be of service. But we need to ask…as one of my Angelic Guides always says to me…”I’m not a mind reader you know…you have to fill me in…”

So back to Denver…parking downtown can be challenging. But having a business in Long Beach, right on Broadway with limited parking space at best, one learns…or hopefully remembers to call on Parking Angels for assistance.

Day one … the first day of the show…the parking lot was packed…cars were sandwiched into one another with barely room to breath between spots…we circle, and circle, and circle…then finally we remember… we have Parking Angels ready to assist us. And as soon as we acknowledge they are with us, a car begins pulling out in a much-cherished parking spot in the very front row nearest the entrance. We thank them kindly for their assistance and we grab the spot. By the end of the day as we were leaving the event, burdened down with a heavy load of rocks for the store, we were even more grateful for their assistance… again we offered our thanks.

The following day we hit another venue with the same scenario as the first day. Arrive on the scene, circle the lot, invoke the Parking Angels and a space appears out of nowhere. That evening we went into the city to check out a local Indian restaurant. Denver has nightlife. At dusk the streets are packed with people just walking through town, it’s quite a scene. Where are we going to park? It’s packed…ugh…we circle the block again and again…this Indian restaurant is rumored to be the best and we wanted to check it out…but it looked as though we might not be able to get a parking space. Then we remembered…our beloved Parking Angels. Again, we hadn’t invoked their Presence…but just like earlier in the day, faithful to our testimonial…someone was waiting to get out. We waved a grateful good-bye to our just leaving companions, grabbed the spot then realized we had parked right in front of the Indian restaurant. Right in front!!!We couldn’t have gotten a better spot!!!

Our final day we once again went to Denver’s downtown. We had chosen this little burner joint. Burger and a beer. It sounded so great. But getting there? The traffic was horrific, bumper-to-bumper. There were parking lots with signs saying “$20.00 Parking – Lot Full – $25.00 Parking – Lot Full.” What was going on? There were so many people on the street. It was like a carnival. Then it dawned on us. It was the opening night of football season. Denver Bronco fans were out in vast numbers. We held little hope of parking anywhere but still we invoked our Parking Angels. And as we did we saw a parking lot that looked like it still had room. I said. “Let’s get in there and pay the attendant before he closes up shop”. Noelle turned left into the lot, armed with her twenty-dollar bill. But the attendant started frantically waving his arms trying to stop us. We thought “Great now this lot is full. Then he started pointing to something behind us and as we turned to look we saw a car leaving a parking spot just south of the lot. We were willing to pay $20.00. But the nice attendant helped us get a parking spot on the street where we didn’t have to pay anything. Not only that, we discovered that the burger joint we had wanted to go to in the first place was just north of the lot.

I will never again doubt the legitimacy of Parking Angels. But if I am to believe in Parking Angels, I also need to accept and believe in all angels. Healing Angels, Love Angels, Guardian Angels…you name them and I’ll endorse them. There is magic in the world and we are blessed in both the seen and unseen. Why not accept an Angel’s help? They are there to support and comfort us through good and bad. They are just waiting to be called.


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