Transforming Consciousness and Healing with a John of God Crystal Bed

I first heard the name “John of God” from a friend while in casual conversation on the phone.  The minute I heard his name I felt this strong desire to meet him.  I can’t really explain the feeling. I just knew I was supposed to go to his town of Abadiania in Brazil. I had recently been diagnosed with an extremely arthritic shoulder and was told I would need a shoulder replacement…that scared me half to death and I would have done almost anything to avoid it. So in less than a month I was on my way to Brazil with the friend who originally spoke his name.

Abadiania-Dom-InacioThere is an extraordinary feeling when you first arrive in Abadiania. It literally feels like you are walking through healing spirit after healing spirit…the atmosphere is thick with a kind of energy almost impossible to explain. After a day or so of acclimating to the energy we were going through an orientation on how the three days of being with John of God would work.

First you speak to an interpreter about what you want to heal.  For example “I want to heal my right shoulder”.  Your interpreter writes down your request on a little piece of paper and instructs you to hold on to it and give it back to him when you stand before John of God. You then wait in a long line going through what is called the “Current” room where there are dozens of people praying and sending healing energy to the people in line.

One of the main things that people want to experience with John of God is the invisible operations he and his beings perform.  I was no different…I wanted the miracle healing from the invisible operation.  But this wasn’t the path for me.  Instead John of God prescribed three Crystal Bed treatments for the week.

“What’s that?” I thought.  “I came here for an operation and now all I get is some lousy Crystal Bed treatment?”  My friend was prescribed not one but two surgeries for the first week. “Why was I not given the same opportunity as my friend?” But I begrudgingly surrendered to my fate and signed up for three sessions.

jogbed-EblastWhen I arrived for my first session I had been experiencing excruciating pain in my shoulder which radiated down my spine to my lower back and hips.  Nothing I tried seemed to relieve it. I was escorted into a small room with a body table and an apparatus with seven faceted Crystals hanging from a bar above the table.  I was instructed to get on the table face up and just close my eyes and relax.  I’ve been blessed to have received many different modalities of healing through my life.  Most entailed a good deal of work to receive the healing.  But this was quite different…I simply had to close my eyes, relax and let the light from the Crystals do their thing…whatever that was.

I closed my eyes and what felt like only a few minutes later, the door opened and I was escorted out and told to go lay down in my room. On the way back to my room I felt very altered…that’s the only way to explain it…altered.  Not only that but the pain in my shoulder and back had greatly diminished. I laid on my bed and slept through the night into the next day…I slept for almost sixteen hours straight. The following treatments each contained many awakenings and deep, deep healing.  By the end of my first week in Abadiania I felt pretty darned fantastic.

But healing comes in many forms.  There is the physical yet also the emotional, mental and all the varying shades in between.  My physical body was only part of what I healed through the Chrystal Beds.

During this first week my friend and I became the surrogate mothers for a group of street dogs. We are both major animal lovers so having this little band of brothers following us around from place to place felt wonderful.  We picked up some dog food in town and fed these skinny little babies hoping they would eventually find homes amongst the many posadas (the local housing similar in quality to a strip mall motel). But many Brazilians have a different consciousness where four leggeds are concerned.  They don’t always see them as members of their families.  At one point my friend and I saved a dog who was quite ill and when we brought the dog into the inner sanctum of the Casa (the place where John of God does his healings) we were told that we had done a horrible thing.  That these creatures carried many diseases and we were sure to contract some thing or another. This of course as animal advocates brought us deep sadness.  But we continued our mission of feeding the babies and our last night in Abadiania the little troupe honored us by sleeping in our room.

The next day we both had one last Crystal Bed session (by this time we were hooked on the energy of the beds). Our sessions were scheduled for the same time.  When we regrouped afterward my friend asked me “What was your experience?”  I actually had quite an unusual vision.  In my vision I had a telepathic communication with Mother Theresa. Now I’m not Catholic and having visions of a Saint just doesn’t happen to me so I took it quite seriously. In this vision Mother Teresa came to me and told me not to be intimidated by the locals in the town who were chiding us for loving and feeding the dogs.  She showed me a picture of herself on the streets of Calcutta holding a street person in her arms until they took their last breath.  Often passers by would spit on her or kick her but she never stopped. She said “Don’t stop loving and caring for these creatures.  God loves them just as much as any human.  Continue to do your work. The town will learn from your example.” When I shared all of this with my friend, she grabbed my hand and through a bucket of tears proclaimed “I had the same vision.”

Three months later we returned to Abadiania and found bowls of dog food and water outside almost every posada.  Chills ran up and down our spines. We knew there were probably many other folks who had also helped to create this transformation.  Still we were grateful we were a part of the inner team that contributed to this new paradigm in this little healing town known as the home to John of God.

And all of this came to pass through a Crystal Bed session that I didn’t really even want…

Kristina-signatureTransforming Consciousness and Healing with a John of God Crystal Bed


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