Using Prosperity Crystals

“Hello I’m Debi McKee, I would like to help you get the best crystal in your hands to get you on your way to your soul’s desires. Placing the right Crystal in the right place in your home can shift things quickly for you and your family. Or wearing a nice little crystal can make you feel so much better without even knowing why.”

Using Prosperity CrystalsCrystal-SubC

Some basic Feng Shui lessons on which crystals work best for prosperity in your life. Certain crystals teach you just by holding or sleeping with them. This month’s class covers the stones that pull the things you need to you. There are many factors that influence how prosperous we are; from confidence, to work, to luck… Changing your state of mind or perspective with intentions is a very simple practice of changing the ‘flow’ of money in your world. In this class the treasure box is open. Debi-compressorDebi will teach which stones can assist us in our goals & how to use them; while you have the opportunity to handle the stones we are discussing. You will feel and see  just what you’re learning.

The Using Prosperity Crystals class will be on Saturday May 14th & begins promptly at 1pm and lasts until 3pm. Cost is $25 per person and seats are limited so call ahead at (562) 438-1267 to ensure you get a seat in the class. Fun will be had Kayla’s promise…

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